Group of senior women sew bags for the homeless

MESA, Ariz. (KSAZ) - The women of Fellowship Square Historic Mesa are helping the homeless.

At first glance, this group of spunky seniors may look like your run-of-the-mill sewing circle, but that all changes once you find out what they're working on.

"One of the things they enjoy most is sewing and so they're taking their skills and putting together little knapsacks that double as pads for the homeless," said Tracey Biggerstaff with Fellowship Square Historic Mesa.

Greater than their love for thread and needle is their desire to help others. These women, all residents of Fellowship Square Historic Mesa, have been on a mission to help the less fortunate, and the community if joining in.

"We're getting a lot of wonderful donations of items that they can put inside them and that can be useful to them," said Biggerstaff. "Things like food and snacks from our friends at Fry's Food and a lot of personal items like shampoos and soaps and toothbrushes and things like that."

It's something the staff at Fellowship Square Historic Mesa says makes everyone feel good.

"For the residents it's really important to them to have an opportunity to have a purpose and feel like they're giving to the community," said Biggerstaff.

Those who need a purpose, find it by helping others.

"And of course to the homeless, you know for them to know the community cares about them," said Biggerstaff.