Growing up with Microcephaly

Being infected by Zika during pregnancy can cause the birth defect "microcephaly," where babies are born with unusually small heads. But what's it like to grow up with microcephaly? Meet 3 and half-year-old Audrey Paige and her family.

Her mother Tara is very proud. "She is the most amazing, special little girl, that has touched so many people."

Doctors told Tara that she had been exposed to a virus in Costa Rica while pregnant in 2012, but they didn't know what it was. Then last year, came the news about Zika and Microcephaly. While they can't make the diagnosis now, Tara had experienced all the symptoms. It's brought a sense of closure to Audrey Paige's family. And Tara wants to share everything she's learned.

She says, "You know in your gut if there's delays in your child. Get them into therapy. There's PT. There's OT. There's speech and feeding. And this is all available to you free of charge in the State of New York. And it's so important because Audrey wouldn't be where she is today if there wasn't early intervention."

For Audrey Paige, growing up with Microcephaly means growing up empowered by hope, love, and support.