Guacamole cheese is here to change the appetizer game forever

Let's face it, is it really a party if there isn't guacamole and cheese? Now you don't have to worry about forgetting one or the other because a supermarket is selling them combined. You read that right: Guacamole cheese.

The Fresh Market has combined the best of both worlds with a single decadent treat just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

This green-hued cheese can either be a perfect finger food or consumed melted over nachos. It might be impossible to resist double-dipping your chip in this one.

Amanti Guacamole Cheese starts at $24.99 per pound and comes either by the pound or in a full wheel since it's likely you won't be able to get enough of this stuff.

The delectable hors d'oeuvre is a gouda-style cheese combining avocado, lime juice, chili, tomato, onion and garlic.

According to The Fresh Market, the cheese is made with an avocado puree that is added right before the cheese curd is pressed into its shape in order to keep the puree as fresh as possible.

You'll be able to acquire this unorthodox appetizer at one of the 161 locations of The Fresh Market starting May 1.