Hamilton High School head football coach "reassigned to home"

Officials with Chandler Unified School District announced that the head football coach of Hamilton High School, Steve Belles, has been "reassigned to home".

According to a statement released Monday afternoon, Belles will not be present on the Hamilton High School campus during the reassignment. The reassignment, according to the statement, is indefinite in length, and is not disciplinary.

Belles' reassignment to home comes amidst an unfolding hazing incident at the school. On Friday, one of the suspect arrested in connection with the incident, Nathaniel William Thomas, appeared in Court. Thomas, 17, is being charged as an adult with multiple charges, including alleged kidnapping, alleged aggravated assault, and alleged molestation.

Two 16-year-old suspects have reportedly been charged as juveniles as well, but officials with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office said they have requested the court to charge the two as adults.

Meanwhile, Chandler Unified School District Superintendent, Camille Castell, has sent a letter electronically to all parents of Hamilton High School students.

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