Help Wanted: Thousands of seasonal job openings in the valley

Macy's, Kohl's, FedEx -- you name it -- companies around the country are looking for seasonal workers and they're hiring by the thousands!

Now is the time to start applying, according to our expert. Getting those good holiday seasonal jobs can be competitive, but this year, there are plenty of openings.

If you are ready to get your holiday hustle on, then places like Amazon and FedEx are hiring seasonal workers by the thousands.

Word to the wise from jobs expert Mike Hayes -- it's a job that requires stamina right off the bat.

"You'll be in there, throwing boxes and it's physical, demanding."

FedEx has about a thousand openings in the Phoenix area. Amazon, which has a fulfillment center in the far west valley, has openings from entry level to experienced, pay starts at $11.25 an hour. FedEx seasonal starts as high as $11.85 an hour. Both require you to be at least 18 years old.

If retail is your bag, then you can expect to make around minimum wage, which is $8.05 as seasonal workers.

Tovia Jackson says she's pursuing a retail job because of the side benefits.

"It's because I can get discounts on all the items and I can put stuff on layaway so I can get stuff for my family and friends," she said.

Kohls, Target, JC Penney, Walmart are all looking to fill hundreds of retail positions paying right around the $8 to $9 an hour mark. Most stores have kiosks in store or online for applications.

Apply electronically as required, but follow up says Hayes.

"Apply and maybe drive by and go in and see if you can get someone to talk to. They might say hey, we don't do that here, but you might get lucky," he said.

This seasonal retail store worker agrees.

"..because that's how I got the job the first time is keep bugging them and they saw that as she really wants to work here," said Janel Needham.

Hayes says the valley's high tourist season is also starting, so you can start applying to resorts, hotels, golf courses -- and FOX 10's Linda Williams says she hears that the football stadium is hiring.

At the end of the season, Hayes reminds workers to leave on an up note so employers will remember you. If something permanent comes up, you may get the call, or you can use the employer as a reference.