Helping in the kitchen at St. Vincent de Paul during FOX 10 Impact Week

4,200 meals are served in the five dining rooms run by St. Vincent de Paul. It's all made possible with help from volunteers, like Shelley Oliver. She has been giving her time to the non-profit for nine years, first delivering food boxes and for the past year working in the kitchen.

"I work with the baker, Theresa, who makes thousands of cookies a week," she said. "I help with that, I prep, cook, chop, I serve lunch."

Oliver spends two to three hours a week in the kitchen, and if she's not baking cookies, she's chopping carrots or mopping floors.

Volunteer coordinator for St. Vincent de Paul, Lena Onaka says every minute and every hour makes a huge difference, and anyone can help.

"So we have a kitchen staff who will give you instructions and they'll show you how to cut vegetables correctly, how to mix things," she said. "We have our menu going on every week. You don't have to be a chef or take charge in the kitchen. We'll definitely give you all the steps that you need to know."

Oliver recently retired from a 38-year nursing career, but she says volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul is the best job she's ever had.

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