High school students starting anti E-cig campaign

TEMPE, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- According to a study last year, more than two million middle school and high school students are using E-cigarettes, in a situation the FDA is calling "an epidemic".

Now, high school students in Tempe are starting an anti-vaping campaign.

Even though students can get suspended if caught with a vaping device, students say practically everyone is doing it anyway. Some devices look like flash drives, and are easy to hide.

"You can't go through a passing period without seeing somebody hand it off or go do it," said Matt Bergevin, a student . "I'd say its a common issue."

District officials say since the start of this school year, they confiscated 65 E-cigs from students, and each student was suspended for the violation.

"We know that primary age level is sophomores, and it's almost 2-to-1 boys are being disciplined for vaping over the girls," said Jennifer Liewer with the Tempe Union High School District.

CDC officials say E-cigs can be harmful to a person's health, especially to the developing brains of kids. Meanwhile, new flavors are constantly being developed, which students say is a big draw. The FDA is warning manufacturers to stop selling E-cigs to kids, or it will ban the sale of flavored E-cigs. Students say that could curb vaping among kids.

"I hear every week there's a new flavor, this or that," said Bergevin. "That's why people start it. 'Oh, it's not that bad. It tastes good,'"

Marcos de Niza's Student Council has decided to got creative by shooting a PSA campaign called "Vanish the Vape". These student-produced PSAs will run on social media platforms. Meanwhile, district officials want parents to get involved. If parents notice any vaping devices in their kids' possession, they might want to talk to them about the dangers.