High winds in Flagstaff area downed power lines, plunging some into the dark

For Thanksgiving, some in Northern Arizona had to deal with high winds that caused power outages and even damages.

"I mean, it's just been an interesting day," said Brittany Huettl, who was celebrating with her boyfriend's family in Flagstaff.

According to officials with APS, crews have been working hard to get power restored in the homes of over 1,300 people in the Flagstaff area. They say gusty winds caused a few trees to down power lines.

"We saw some pretty strong wind speeds," said Page Swenson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Flagstaff. "Once we start seeing winds speeds in the 40+ miles per hour range, these tall pine trees have the ability to blow over, which can create hazardous impacts."

Pictures captured by viewers in the area show trees snapped in half.

"I look at the trees, and they’re just swaying. Ot looked like they were just going to all fall over," said Huettl.

Huettl said at around 10:00 a.m., power was lost.

"Just started cooking and everything, so everything was on hold," said Huettl.

High winds also forced Arizona Snowbowl to close its gondola and Grand Canyon express lift. In addition, roads also saw some impact from inclement weather.

"It can also create hazardous driving conditions from the wind, because you feel your car jolting as those stronger winds are blowing.," said Swenson.

As for Huettl, Thanksgiving dinner will still go on, but it has been delayed. 

"We could do the pies, but everything else is kind of waiting," said Huettl.

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