Holiday event gave at risk children, foster kids and families a special Christmas

For families in Scottsdale, Christmas Day 2019 is a Christmas to remember, as dozens of children got the chance to ride horses at Hunkapi Farms. 

Many of the kids at Hunkapi Farms Wednesday are getting to ride a horse for the very first time. It's a very special gift for nearly 70 at-risk children, foster children and their families. The kids got to ride in circles at the farm, and got to bond with the horses. 

The rides were made possible by more than 100 volunteers who spent their Christmas Day giving back.

"It's just an amazing way for us to give to be of service for everyone, to get out of ourselves, to provide an amazing day for kids that would not otherwise have an amazing day," said Tim Westbrook, CEO of Camelback Recovery.

For many of the families, being at a farm is not a usual Christmas Day for them. They say they are grateful for an opportunity to make new memories, something they wouldn't have been able to do without the farm.

"It is something different than just sitting at the house, playing games or watching TV," said mother Megan Carlos. "We did our family thing last night, so today, we came with the kids to ride horses. It’s their first time so they are excited.

The kids also got their faces painted and enjoyed a Christmas meal.