Hopeful mom speaks out weeks after son seriously hurt in boat crash

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A 15-year-old valley boy remains hospitalized after a hit-and-run boat accident on Bartlett Lake that happened three weeks ago.

While he fights for his life, deputies are still searching for the boaters responsible for putting him in the hospital.

Sonya Medina has walked through these hospital doors every single day for the last three weeks.

"I work in a hospital, so I see it every day, but when it's your own child, it's a lot different. It's a lot harder," she said.

The fourth floor, surgical ICU is where her son, Alec, has been fighting each day to stay alive.

"A roller coaster…a nightmare. I don't know how to explain it. Just my world's been turning upside down," Medina said.

The person responsible for putting him there is still on the streets.

Three weeks ago, Alec was celebrating his girlfriend's birthday with family on Bartlett Lake. Alec was on a jet ski when he was hit by someone driving a fishing boat.

But that person didn't stop after the crash.

Since the crash, Alec has been in a medically-induced coma and has been through a number of surgeries.

"There's still a lot of unknowns at this time. He's not talking," Medina said. "He's not fully able to open his eyes completely, so there is a question as far as his vision still."

Sonya is used to seeing her big-hearted son with a smile. He's been surrounded with love while he recovers.

If there's one thing she wants aside from him home and healthy, it is justice.

Sonya has a message for the person who hurt her son.

"All I can ask is for you to come forward. Be responsible. Think about if it was your family members…your child, nephew, cousin, brother or even your own son," Medina said.