HOT! Phoenix ties old Thanksgiving record high of 87°F

The Thanksgiving holiday certainly brought a different feel to Arizona in 2017. People didn't need a sweater on Thursday, as record high temperatures were broken in several places across the state.

In Phoenix, an old record high of 87°F was tied.

"I was thinking the other day, it's November and people are doing this," said a woman, as she used her hand to fan herself.

"I didn't think it was too bad. In the shade it was perfect. I didn't notice" said a man.

"It's not as hot, but I'm pretty sure if I would've came here a couple of hours ago, it would be really really hot with the sun glaring on us," said John Carranza.

Magen Martinez from Texas said she was trying to escape the heat, but that didn't happen.

"We found the same kind of heat as we left," said Martinez. "In fact, it's colder where we are at than it is here. So, we came escaping the heat to the heat."