House fire victims astonished by community's generosity

A Goodyear family said they are stunned by the generosity of strangers.

On Saturday night, a fire started in the family's home, while they were out, and most of their belongings were destroyed.

On Monday, family members said the outpouring of help was so great, that they are no longer asking for donations.

"The good thing is nobody was hurt, and we can replace the stuff that was lost," said Nicki Delk. Her brothers live in the home with their young daughters, and Delk wanted desperately to help. As a result, she posted an appeal on her Facebook page, asking for prayers and donations.

"My brothers and their daughters and their daughters are six years old," said Delk. "It's a couple weeks before Christmas, and now, they're starting from square one, and we'd just appreciate well wishes, prayers, donations."

The floodgates opened, and by Monday, the four had everything they needed.

"We've had offers of beds and sofas," said Ruth LaCoss. "By last night, we had clothes for my granddaughters, for both of them. We have two six year olds, they're fine with clothes now."

The brothers have moved in with friends and family, until they can find a new place to rent. The fire may have destroyed their belongings, but it restored their faith in humanity.