Houston woman says she was being tracked through Apple AirPods

Houstonian Raven Lemon spoke with FOX 26 Thursday after going through a terrifying experience recently. 

Lemon tells us, she was being tracked through an Apple AirPod and spoke with us to bring attention to this issue and says it could happen to anyone. 

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"I start freaking out because I’m like to wait somebody’s following me and not only are they following me, they are actively watching every step I take," says Lemon.

She says it was just a normal day grabbing dinner with her friend in the Galleria but as they began to leave, she started to receive notifications. 

"We went outside and something just started telling me not to go home," says Lemon, a trauma-informed firearms instructor who also says she stays well aware of her surroundings. 

With that sinking feeling that something was wrong, she and her friend decided to go to a nearby park.

"At this point, I’m getting notifications, but I didn’t know what the notifications were, it was showing just a general notification at first, so I wasn’t paying attention to it," says Lemon. "We continue going to the park, we are about an hour in at this point, and I’m getting notifications back to back, I open my phone, and it’s telling me somebody has been watching my location for 17 minutes."

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In addition to being watched possibly followed for 17 minutes says Lemon, also says it was Pinpointing her exact location.

"I have a background in firearms instructing, and I’m someone who is very passionate about self-defense; being aware of things but nothing prepares you for this," says Lemon. "I almost freaked out, but I reverted to my training, so I thought of a plan of what I needed to do."

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Raven says she also spoke with an Apple employee who told her it’s been happening quite a bit, which Lemon says took her aback when she heard that. He also told her the most common places they're being placed on cars.

"All the places I didn’t look are where he told me it could have been," says Lemon. "Inside gas cap, on the tires, anywhere there’s damage or a crease they can tape or tie it on."

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