How car mechanics handle repairs, maintenance during COVID-19

“It’s an essential business. People are going to still need transportation,” says NARPRO employee James Garnand.

At the worst times, cars are still breaking down, tires are still going flat and those problems require a mechanic.

Only now, there's extra work being done before the hood is popped.

Garnand with NARPRO says mechanics are doing everything to make the business touchless.

The key drop, once used for overnight trouble, is available 24/7 now. They’re also running extra air purification inside the car.

He says, “It’s been shown to knock out H1N1, other viruses, mold, so even if it doesn’t get [COVID-19], it’ll get other stuff.”

No matter the world's troubles, there will always be car troubles.

Business has been steady, but it's expected to taper off the longer social distancing is recommended.

If you do head to the mechanic, it's recommended you roll your windows down and air your car out.