How Glendale Fire prepares for distress calls involving kids

Firefighters with the Glendale Fire Department are prepared for anything at any given time, but there are some emergencies that are more difficult than others - calls involving children.

"A kid call is a heightened call for everybody," said captain Ashley Losch. "There's a lot on the line, and we always want to be at our best and [this bag] gives us one more tool to be there."

Losch is talking about PALS bags. Each bag is color-coded depending on the situation and the child's age, and inside each bag is just about everything they would need, including medications with proper dosages, a start kit, needles and more.

"It streamlines our ability to treat more quickly," said Losch. "we're not having to go through a bunch of areas to find what we need."

Every fire truck is a equipped with the bag, and each firefighter is trained to use them.

"All we have to do is grab this bag, and in the bag are all the tools we need to run the call," said Losch.

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