How much did Arizona make from the first 2 months of legal sports betting?

The numbers are out for the first two months of legal sports gambling in Arizona, and people placing bets in the state broke records.

So, how much money was being thrown around now that Arizonans could legally place a wager on a game? It turns out, a lot.’s Christopher Boan says on Jan. 3 that Arizona broke records in the last couple of months. "Broke Nevada’s record for the biggest first month in legalized sports betting," he said.

More than $291 million worth of bets were placed in September – marking the highest debut for legal sports betting ever.

"You’re gonna keep seeing the ads. I don’t know when they’ll start to dial back again, but if the numbers keep going up, get used to them," Boan said.

In October, $486 million worth of bets were made. A chunk of that came from free bets used to entice players to buy in.

The free bets aren’t taxed the same way real money is. The state took about $1.3 million from the September and October totals, and almost $14 million in licensing fees.

State Rep. Jeff Weninger helped write the bill, and predicts that numbers will go up.

"You’re gonna have fluctuations throughout the year depending on the sports going on. Then you’re gonna have the Super Bowl, where one day makes up for how many other days. I don’t think it hurts that we have a great Suns team and great Cardinals team. That plays into it," Weninger said.

To put the numbers into perspective, Las Vegas handled about $1.1 billion in bets in October. Arizona almost did half of that.

Sports wagering in Arizona kicked off with the start of the NFL season.

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