How Scottsdale businesses are being protected from possible protests, looting

On Monday morning, businesses next to Scottsdale's Fashion Square Mall remain boarded up after protests in response to George Floyd's death and looting took place over the weekend.

Looters arrived on Saturday night and one of the stores hit was Paris Optique, a luxury eyewear shop across from the mall.

"We received a call at 1:30 a.m. that glass had been shattered," said manager Violette Sternberg, adding, “product was stolen from the front window."

Thieves only stole products in the front window display cases, but they say it's still a big hit after the stay-at-home order brought on by the coronavirus pandemic damaged business.

"This was criminal. You are breaking into store fronts. You are destroying livelihoods that are already hurting," Sternberg said.

A few blocks away at Alien Donuts, owner David Ventura shared images on social media of his guns after seeing several people looting the store, sending a warning.

“We came out last night to protect the business and make sure nothing happened to the businesses here on 5th Avenue," he said.

Employees at the donut shop usually start baking at 10 p.m. every night and while they have closed several nights, he worries for his employees safety.

"I need to be down here or someone needs to be down here to make sure they are protected, which is crazy to say in this country, but that’s what this has come to," Ventura said.

Sternberg and Ventura say they do believe what happened to George Floyd was a tragedy, and believe in peaceful protesting, but say hurting their livelihood is not the way.

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