How Silent Witness keeps tipsters anonymous

The search is on for the Freeway Shooter here in the valley, a lot of people might be worried about calling in tips. But Silent Witness takes a lot of steps to make sure the tips stay secret.

Silent Witness claims you can stay anonymous when you call in tips to crimes, often you can collect a big reward.

Leaders at Silent Witness have a very interesting system for keeping the tipsters identities hidden.

"There is absolutely, and intentionally no way to track who the callers are," said Jaime Rothschild.

Rothschild from Silent Witness says people may be reluctant to call them with tips about crimes, especially serious crimes like the freeway shootings because they're afraid criminals will somehow find out who dropped the dime on them. But Silent Witness goes to great lengths to make sure that doesn't happen.

"We never ask for your number, we pay a service not to have caller ID, there's no way to track who is calling. All we do is give the callers a code word, and we say don't forget it because that is the only way we'll access you as," he said.

So what happens when you claim your reward?

"When a caller calls back, and their tip has led to an arrest we provide them a code they give to the bank, and they are handed cash, no questions asked," said Rothschild.

So if anyone knows anything about the Freeway Shootings or any crime you're encouraged to call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS. A reminder, the Freeway Shootings case has a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.