How to find your 'health personality'

When it comes to your health, are you "gung ho" or "who cares?" Or maybe you're somewhere in between.

Coach Stan Maddox of Live Now USA Health and Wellness says he's worked with three different kinds of "health personalities."

Jeff Sanders definitely fits into the "health concerned" camp. Coach Stan says they're folks who've had a medical scare or maybe a rocky checkup.

"They're just trying to find something to improve their health, be it food consumption or even exercise," Coach Stan says. "They're looking for more information."

In Jeff's case, back in February of 2016, he had a heart attack at 53.

"They did some x-rays," he says. "On the way back from x-rays, I flat-lined."

When he recovered Jeff did exactly what Coach Stan recommends "health concerned" people do.

He turned his scare into motivation. He's working out 3 times a week, and has rethought the way he eats.

"A lot less bacon, a lot less alcohol," Sanders jokes. "On a serious note: (I eat) oatmeal for breakfast, salads for lunch. A lot less red meat."

The next health personality type is all-in at the gym. Coach Stan calls this one the "health conscious" person.

"You know this is the person that is going to come to work, have a water bottle, and they be sipping on a green smoothie or something like that?" Coach Stan says. "They're in tune with what's going on in regards to health and fitness."

But even health-conscious folks can improve.

If you're already a gym regular, try intensifying your workout, doing interval training, or cross-training.

Or, maybe you're on the other end of the spectrum: in the "health careless" tribe.

"The health careless person doesn't care," Coach Stan says. "About their food consumption, about being able to move, they don't care about exercise at all. It's not really the first part of their priorities."

If you're in the "don't care" camp, you have the most to gain from getting healthier. Coach Stan try to take one small step in a healthier direction. Maybe you can find a way to get active you might actually enjoy. Or, vow try to one new healthy food a week.

Coach Stan says all three personality types have room for improvement.

"But the most important thing is to challenge ourselves," Coach Stan says. "To create a step higher than where we were before. To just get better."