Ice skating rink nears grand opening in downtown Phoenix

The annual Cityscape ice rink is being built for the holiday season.

It's time to practice your skating skills as the Cityscape ice rink is back for the holidays.

"I think it's delightful, it's a lot of fun," Nick Bazso said.

It may be fun, but it's a process to build. So far, the baseboards are set and the sand is poured.

"From there, we start building what we can as far as the glass and railing and putting in a trench for the main chilling system," Bazso said.

The main question is how is the ice kept cold in Phoenix?

"We actually get a big chiller unit and put it down there and from there we will run a feeder and a return in that trench that we just dug out there," Bazso said.

Bazso says 6-inch pipes and little coils wrap around the boards.

"Then we build the ice on top of that, so we have zero degrees, two degrees underneath, put a little bit of ice under that and that's how we keep it cold," he said.

Then, it's time to make memories.

"I think it's really festive, I think it's a fun reason for families to come downtown and it's really fun working here with the activity going on," Kristy hall said.

Bazso has seen a lot happen here.

"Everything from wedding proposals and everyone coming out here and kids' first time seeing ice and ice skating, it's definitely a huge event," he said. "Everyone out here taking pictures next to the Xmas tree and enjoying the holiday spirit out here."

If you haven't tried this before, it could be your year.

"I'm not much for skating, I'm pretty sure I would make an idiot of myself if I did step on it," Andrew Rios said. "I think you need to try it this year. We will see, maybe because you recommended it."

November 26 is the grand opening and tree lighting ceremony, so come on down and check it out.

The ice skating rink is right between Jefferson and Washington on Central.