Illegal trash dumping becoming a problem in Phoenix

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - A small sedan pulls into a dead-end street in south Phoenix with a large rolled up carpet on the roof and a couch in the trunk -- less than 10 seconds later, it all gets dumped on the side of the road.

"Here, we're just seeing a lot of shoes, we're seeing car seat (sic), some plastic jugs, cardboard," Jesse Duarte said.

Duarte, who's deputy public director for the City of Phoenix, says enough is enough.

"We've been here for at least six months monitoring it," he said.

Clothes, mattresses and old TV's -- the signs posted by the city are ignored and trash keeps piling up.

"It's all around the Valley, it's all around the Valley... stopping it is a three-step process," Duarte said. "First, it's monitor (sic), make sure there is, and second of all if there is, we put signs up and signs for illegal dumping as well. We monitor that for another while and if that doesn't work, we go to the cameras."

The City of Phoenix currently has four sets, so eight total cameras installed throughout the city. By next year, you will see 14 more, only technology could be even better.

"We can read the plates, the face, they take still pictures, video, everything," Duarte said.

If they're caught on camera like these culprits, the fine could reach $2,500.