Injured tortoise gets second chance at life thanks to new, custom wheelchair

A lucky tortoise from Florida has been given a second chance at life thanks to his new, custom wheelchair.

Walkin' Pets by told Fox 35 that a tortoise, named Scoot Reeves, was taken to the Hillman Veterinary Clinic in rough shape. After being injured by a front end loader, Scoot's back legs were paralyzed and his shell cracked.

The vet was reportedly concerned for Scoot's quality of life, but Vet techs Sasha Corbett and Shannon Chavers decided to contact the Gunnar's Wheels Foundation to see if they could help. Sasha had previously worked with this foundation to get her dog, Rosalie, a wheelchair. Rosalie was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition that affects her motor movements and mobility.

Sasha said that "Shannon and I immediately begged the doctor to try everything he could, and I joked we could build him a wheelchair." This is when she tagged Jason Parker from Gunnar's Wheels in a post about Scoot hoping that maybe he could help.

Walkin' Pets by said that Jason jumped into action and immediately contacted Walkin' Pets, a company that helps injured and disabled animals. Jason and the company have worked together for years to donate hundreds of wheelchairs to dogs and cats in need.

Walkin' Pets reportedly got to work and made their first-ever specialized wheelchair for a tortoise. Now, Scoot zips around in his custom wheels.

Walkin' Pets by said that they and Gunnar's Wheels will continue to work with Scoot throughout his recovery and hope to help future turtles and tortoises regain their mobility.

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.

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