Internet fired up over video showing homeless man having puppy ripped away by activists

A video recently uploaded to Facebook showing an animal rights group ripping a puppy from the hands of its homeless owner is igniting users online.

The video was uploaded in late September by Nghi Le Duc, and shows the animal rights group known as Cause Animale Nord in Paris take "violently, without pity" the homeless man's dog who can be heard crying as it's been tossed about in the hands of the activists.

Trois personnes qui representent de l'association "Cause Animale Nord" et qui representent aussi La Loi , ils ont pris...

The video, now viewed over 3 million times, has fired up viewers on social media as they tagged the group with their thoughts with the hashtag #CauseAnimaleNord.

Nghi Le Duc said that he "was in shock" when he saw what was unfolding ahead of him.

Cause Animale Nord did respond to the post and social media backlash saying that the dog was used for begging.

Vegan (nom en memoire à nos convictions), petite chienne, sauvetage de ce jour lors de la Marche laissons leur peau aux...

The puppy, named Vegan by the organization, is now up for adoption and shown to be happy in her surroundings.

Voici Vegan (la chienne amorphe detenue par un rom qui l'a drogue sur les trottoirs parisiens) Dimanche elle est en...