Investigation into partial skating rink roof collapse underway

Phoenix fire officials say the roof partially collapsed at a Phoenix skating rink on Tuesday night.

According to fire officials, the incident took place at the Rollero Family Skating Center near 74th Avenue and Indian School Road. There were no reports of anyone inside the rink.

There was a natural gas leak following the collapse and the exterior walls of the building are said to be unstable. The leak has since been contained by crews from Southwest Gas.

People who have been to the skate rink are sad, after learning what happened.

"I'm crying," said Joanna Badini. "It means everything. Made so many friends, kept us out of trouble."

"I grew up here, came here with school friends," said Teddy Potter. "It is just very, very depressing."

According to a Phoenix Fire statement released Wednesday, the structure was built with a bowstring-type roof that was popular in the construction of large warehouses prior to the 1960s. These types of buildings, according to the statement, pose a threat to firefighters as their truss systems fail rapidly under fire conditions.

No one was injured and the investigation as to why the roof collapsed is ongoing. There is no determination made as to the cause of the collapse.

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