Jodi Arias sentencing retrial: tense day of testimony

In the Jodi Arias sentencing retrial, it was a day of a withering cross-examination for a key witness.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez tore into the credentials and judgement of expert witness Dr. Robert Geffner.

Dr. Geffner is important because his testimony puts Arias' murderous behavior in context as jurors try to decide whether she should be put to death or get life in prison.

So it fell onto Prosecutor Martinez to discredit Geffner, and he came out swinging.

Dr. Robert Geffner, who spoke eloquently and at length while under friendly questioning yesterday by Arias' attorney fumbled and bumbled as he fenced with Prosecutor Martinez.

Martinez accused Geffner of being an administrator at Alliant International University in San Diego, where he works, and not someone who handles domestic violence cases anymore.

The prosecutor presented writings from Arias to show she had anger issues of her own. He tried to get under Geffner's skin, claiming he was leaning over to one of the jurors as he answered questions.

And Martinez wondered why Geffner has the unnerving habit of smiling and chuckling as he testified about events before the vicious murder.

Later, Arias' attorneys fought back against the depiction of their expert as a paid mouthpiece. And Geffner repeated his conclusion Arias was abused before she killed Travis Alexander.

Next Monday the trial continues, we will hear from another psychologist for the defense. Dr. L.C. Fonseca and more testimony from computer experts who will revisit the issue of porn on Alexander's computer.

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