Johnsonville Sausage factory worker accused of putting foreign objects into links

(FOX News) -- A worker at Wisconsin's Johnsonville Sausage plant is facing prison time and hefty fines after he was allegedly caught placing foreign objects into sausage links during his shift.

Jonathan Lane, of Kiel, Wis., reportedly placed a piece of cigarette paper into one link on March 25, and a wire connecter into another on March 28, according to FOX 6 Now.

On both occasions, he pretended to have found the offending bits of trash himself after reporting on the contamination to his superiors, as per the criminal complaint. A subsequent review of the factory's video surveillance cameras allegedly showed Lane himself placing the objects into the meat. He was arrested Friday, the Post Crescent reported.

>>VIDEO: Man accused of tampering with food at Johnsonville plant

Johnsonville confirmed that none of the contaminated sausages made it out of the plant, as the company had closed the processing facility to discard of any contaminated product before it left the building.

Matthew Krueger, a United States attorney for Wisconsin, lauded Johnsonville for its proactive approach, saying, "We commend Johnsonville Sausage, LLC. for its security measures and quick action to prevent any harm to consumers," Krueger said.

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