Kesha's drummer speaks to FOX 10 about Grammys performance

Pop star Kesha was joined by other musicians Sunday night in a powerful performance at the 2018 Grammy Awards in New York City.

Her Grammy-nominated song -- titled 'Praying' -- is about fighting back from abuse. And it comes amid the Me Too and Time's Up movements.

Kesha's drummer, Elias Mallin, who lives in downtown Phoenix, spoke to FOX 10 on Tuesday about their show at Madison Square Garden.

"I think that things have been building up for such a long time now and now I think it's such a positive thing that everything's coming out. And people are speaking up.

And I think that what Kesha did was so important to contribute to that along with her own story, that she's been through. I mean, she's been through a lot," Mallin said.

"I've been drumming for her for years and years now. And where I feel like when she was singing, she was transcending," he said.

"I was absolutely the most intense experience I've ever had on a stage. I've never been a part of anything like. I've played thousands of shows. The feeling, I mean, it was just electric.

Such a powerful, powerful performance. I remember even before we started playing there was just this sort of energy that I felt and I knew that it was going to be something very special," Mallin said.

Mallin will be playing with Kesha in the months ahead in Asia and in Australia.

In June, Kesha and Macklemore kick off their tour at Ak-Chin Pavilion, in Phoenix.