Kids at PCH get new animal programming

For a number of patients at Phoenix Children's Hospital, their life becomes their fight against whatever ailment brings them in.

"It takes a toll for you to be here for a very long time," said Angus, a patient at PCH.

It's a concept 14-year-old Angus knows all too well. It's his seventh week at PCH after getting word he was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and Amino Deficiency Disease.

"Because I was so sick I had to be in the room for two weeks," he said. "I couldn't actually get out of my room, I was stuck in there. It's horrible. It's very boring."

But now, there's some good news for Angus.

"It'll definitely make me happy," he said. "I like animals."

A new, 24-hour, commercial-free channel all about animals has made its way to the hospital.

"Animals cheer up children, I think," Angus said.

That seems to be the case as patients celebrate with a few friends from the Phoenix Zoo, but actually, all of this began with people like Debra Erickson with the San Diego Zoo.

"We have a phenomenal relationship with the Phoenix Zoo for over 50 years, so we called them up and said we have this wonderful program, they contacted PCH and we're here today," she said.

Debra says the programming is educational and can already be seen in 80 facilities across 26 states and four countries.

Now, it's Phoenix's turn and workers at PCH couldn't be more excited.

"We try and do anything we can to bring smiles to them," Betsy Rosebrugh said. "Some of the kids are here a long time. They see the same channels over and over and this is phenomenal."

Kids like Angus are hoping to go home within the next few weeks, but for now, they have a new, fun way to pass the time.