Kitten rescued from a pipe by group of good samaritans in Phoenix

A five-week-old kitten in Phoenix was lucky to be found after he got trapped in a pipe.

It took a lot of help to get him out of the pipe at Thomas Road and 67th Avenue.

"When we first saw this situation, we felt it was almost hopeless," said Cheryl Naumann, founder of Humane Animal Rescue Trapping Team (HARTT).

Her crew helps save animals in distress, like this kitten, who was heard from down below in a cell phone tower underground conduit.

Luckily, a woman heard the kitten crying.

"The kitten was completely inaccessible underground and that started the process of contacting a number of companies," Naumann explained.

HARTT got a lot of help from a plumbing company as crews fished in a camera 33 feet inside the pipe.

Sprint operates the cell phone tower and verified that the conduit was a deadline and the kitten could be saved.

That's when the digging began. The entire process took nearly five hours and thousands of dollars of donated man-hours and equipment.

It was all worth it in the end

"The moment that kitten came out of the ground it was just a miracle," Naumann said.

During the same day, two of the kitten's siblings were found in the area.

This particular kitten is being fostered by a loving family until he finds his forever home.