Landscapers attacked by bees in Scottsdale

Firefighter say one person was treated after two landscapers were attacked by bees in Scottsdale.

The incident happened in the area of 90th Street and Via Linda. The two landscapers reportedly took refuge in their trucks, until firefighters arrived. One person, who was reportedly allergic to bee stings, was rushed to the hospital. Firefighters say one other person refused treatment.

Another bee swarm was located in an unoccupied area that firefighters say is not an immediate threat.

According to bee experts, the landscapers unwittingly came near a hive of killer bees, which are very aggressive. In fact, just after arriving at the location, a few bees tried to attack a FOX 10 photojournalist, who was chased back to the news vehicle.

"The problem is they are way overprotective of their hive and their queen, so if you get near them, swarmed, attacked, end up in the hospital," said Aaron Becerril.

Africanized killer bees have taken over the honey bee population in the Valley, and many times, victims don't know they are in Killer Bee territory until they are attacked.

"You send out pheromones. They can sense pretty much fear or perfume or soap you use," said Becerril. "They smell it and will come towards you. As long as one finds you, the rest are going to follow they can follow you up to a mile."

And the bees don't just attack people. Pets are targets as well. Several months ago, bees found in a Glendale backyard stung a mother dog and her litter, and some of the puppies died after getting stung hundreds of times each.

The best way to protect yourself from the aggressive bees is to stay far away from their hive.

"If you see a swarm of bees or hear humming, just stand back," said Becerril. "Don't run. They get aggressive. Just walk fast and go."

Meanwhile, the management company for the complex is working to have the bees removed.