Larry Fitzgerald makes inspirational visit to St. Vincent De Paul

Breakfast and a motivational speech from Larry Fitzgerald was served on Monday at St. Vincent De Paul.

"These people, here, are just like everybody else," he said. "They just want to have hope and want to believe that they can accomplish the goal that they set for themselves."

Every Monday, an inspirational guest talks to these men and women and answer their questions, as part of Celebrity Fight Night's "Never Give Up" program.

"This is the mission that Jerry and everybody do every single day and Mr. Walker has been serving for a very long time and to be associated with people like this makes it that much more special," Fitzgerald said.

Some of the questions centered on how to push through a difficult time.

"I never got the chance to even talk to my mom before she passed away and that was one of the most selfish things I've ever done in my life, but no matter what happens in your family, you'll always love them," Fitzgerald said.

Larry told the group his faith has a lot to do with who he is today.

"My faith is my foundation and if you build something that strong, you can endure anything that life brings you and I promise you, life is going to bring you diversity, but if you have a strong foundation, it's not going to shake your core," he said.

Finishing with this statement and words to live by.

If you don't believe in yourself, who will want to believe in you.