Latest monsoon storm packs a punch across the Valley

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - Monsoon season is not giving the Valley much of a break, with another round of rain, wind and dust hitting on Sunday night.

Viewer video showed a massive storm cell moving over the north Valley and in Tempe, a home lost part of its roof due to fierce winds in the area.

The morning after the storm, Valley residents are still recovering and now have a lot of damage to clean up.


The Aya Apartments located near McDowell Road and the Loop 101 in Scottsdale is riddled with trees down this morning, and this comes just days after residents cleaned up from a different storm last week.

Incredible viewer video shows the storm lifting a massive tree right out of the ground, toppling it over in the middle of the courtyard! Thankfully, the down tree avoided taking out an apartments and no one was hurt.

Talking Stick Resort and Casino is still closed on Monday morning due to a power outage caused by severe storms and flooding.

The resort's main generator and backup generators all failed on Saturday, and a hotel spokesperson says all guests were evacuated.

The resort is expected to be back open by August 19.