Lawyer for family of brothers who died in Scorpion Bay electrocution speaks out

New findings have been released in the electrocution at Scorpion  Bay on July 12 where two brothers were killed.

The Maricopa County Sheriffs Office says the electrical issue came from the victims' boat but the family’s lawyer is speaking out
and has their reaction.

The lawyer of the family says it is still very early in the investigation, but they say the sheriff's office findings do not coincide with what they have learned about the incident.

"It is very broad, I need more facts," says attorney Michael Pearson who is representing the Miller family.

Brothers Michael and Timothy Miller were killed after getting electrocuted in the water. “The findings do not coincide with witness statements including the wife of the deceased," Pearson explained.

The sheriff's office says the victims' boat had an electrical connection system that was not compatible with the marina’s receptacle. They added that the electrical safety features were bypassed by the intentional and improper modification of the boat’s electrical system which resulted in the electricity being discharged.

Pearson says the family had only recently gotten the boat and had made no modifications.

“We are going to want access to the site. There have been prior issues at Scorpion Bay Marina. Complaints about the circuits out there and the GFI circuits needing to be replaced," Pearson explained.

“The information we have was that a boat next to the decedents' boat had a cord that was in the water. It was not the decedents' boat," Pearson added.

WATCH: MCSO news conference on possible electrocution at Lake Pleasant

Scorpion Bay has not provided a comment on the incident.

The sheriff's office says the Scorpion Bay electrical system is operating safely and the public should not be concerned.

The family’s lawyer says they will be conducting their own investigation to determine the next steps.

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