Leader of #RedforED Movement speaks out ahead of teacher walkout

This Thursday, Arizona teachers plan to walk off the job.

They have been promised a 20 percent pay raise by Governor Doug Ducey, but no word on extra educational funding or wage increases for support staff.

One of the leaders of the #RedforED, Noah Karvelis, is a 23-year-old teacher before becoming a visible figure in the battle over education funding.

"I'm not a Democratic plant," said Karvelis. "Nobody -- nobody in the Arizona Democratic Party knew my name three weeks ago."

Karvelis also brushed off the notion he's a political activist.

"I'm an educator advocating for educators and students, so that we can have an open dialogue on solutions," said Karvelis.

A Dean's List student at the University of Illinois, Karvelis says the only reason he's in Arizona is because he wanted a new adventure, like a lot of 20-somethings.

"I don't want to run [Governor] Ducey out of town," said Karvelis. "I don't want to turn the Capitol upside down. I don't want to being 50,000 educators down to the Capitol, but I want solutions."

Now that Karvelis is in a position tyo help, he knows his shallow Arizona roots are making people uneasy, as the walkout looms.

"I don't think it matters to me," said Karvelis. "I think what's made people uncomfortable is there's a group who's taking control -- they're taking power over their lives, who traditionally in Arizona haven't, and I think that's unsettled some people who are in powerful positions."

Karvelis knows he's about to disrupt millions of lives.

"Ideally, at the end of the day, we get a deal that helps those students," said Karvelis.