Little boy becomes Peoria police officer for a day

You don't have to ask Brendan Davies how he feels about being an honorary officer for the day with Peoria police.

Just look at his beaming face and swagger in the video Peoria police produced of his special day at the station.

"It was incredible, it was a great surprise for him because he just thought (I'm) just gonna meet Detective White and that was it and he got the whole tour," said Genevieve Davies, Brendan's mom.

Brendan's mom will tell you his life has been one health challenge after another. He is 7 years old and had a heart transplant six years ago, and another health challenge was discovered last year.

"He got a newer diagnosis with cancer, so he missed out on a lot last summer," she said. "He really just wanted to hang out with some police officers."

Peoria police went all out for Brendan's day. he met K-9 officers, he talked to dispatch on the radio, and he proudly shows his special badges on a custom-made shirt.

"I got to do a police tour and I actually got handcuffs," he said.

It's a reminder of special memories of the day for a little boy who says he has a lot of things he wants to do and be.

"Firefighters, nurse, police officer, construction, cleaning up garbage," he said.

"He's amazing, he touches everybody, he just has this light, he has so much fun, he bops everywhere he walks around, he's got this strut, he love everybody," Genevieve said.