Local food trucks feed the homeless for the holidays

PHOENIX, Ariz. (FOX 10) - 'Tis the season of giving and feeding! St. Vincent De Paul has partnered up with local food trucks to make sure the homeless aren't hungry this weekend leading up to Christmas.

Music filled the lawn of the homeless shelter at St. Vincent De Paul and food trucks filled the streets, and the homeless community, from all backgrounds and languages, were grateful.

The food trucks included Buzz N Bee's, DGP Fry Bread, Food Diva, Queso Good, Rockstar Hotdogs, Chicken N Waffles for the People and the Fry Bread food truck.

One of the organizers, former ASU and NFL player J.D. Hill, revealed he once lived on the streets.

"I wasn't ready to leave the NFL. When I was released from the NFL, I had low self-esteem, so I ended up going to places I shouldn't have went, I ended up on drugs. I lost everything I had at one point in time. Like some of the people that are here," explained Hill.

And since Hill has turned a new leaf, he and his family brainstormed this event as a way to give back with Gourmet Food Trucks Arizona and Catch the Vision Ministries.

"Hey, we have food trucks, I called my friend, Kim, she's got several food trucks, I said, hey let's go feed people," said Hill.

Bringing some comfort food with them from quesadillas to fried chicken.

"To spread a little holiday cheer to those in need," said Hill.