Lorde says she took a swim in the Potomac River (where swimming isn't allowed)

Singer-songwriter Lorde claimed to have swam in the Potomac River while in-between sets on her "Solar Power" tour stop in Washington, D.C. on Monday night.

In a video posted on Twitter, the New Zealand-born musician talked on stage at The Anthem about the mutual growth with her audience over the last five years and then talked about swimming in the Potomac River, which no one is allowed to swim in due to water quality concerns.

"I was thinking today, I was lying in the Potomac river" (to which the audience applauded making it difficult to hear what she said next), and then said she "loved to swim in water where she is playing…I was lying in this river being like, what can I say to these kids tonight in DC," and then went on to celebrate her fans for supporting her and her musical mission. In another video on Twitter, Lorde stated she "knew why you were laughing" when reportedly discussing the Potomac swim. 

There is no proof at this time of Lorde actually swimming in the Potomac, however the river is still deemed unsafe to swim despite a report in March by FOX 5 DC's Bob Barnard that bacterial levels are lowering to the point in which swimming may return someday in the near future.