Lost Valley dog found on Squaw Peak

Buddy the labrador was long in the desert for days after escaping a family staycation.

With the help of some strangers, he's home.

"Sunday morning I was out hiking Squaw Peak...my sister and I were startled by a dog coming out of the brush," said Michele Woods, a hiker.

A day later, she saw a poster for a missing dog.

"This family had been frantically searching for Buddy for almost three days now," said Woods.

The family was enjoying a staycation when Buddy managed to open a hotel room door. There, he went looking for his owners.

Lois Nastoff, who has been trained with a dog rescue, made posters - the same posters Wood saw after her hike.

Wood and the family hiked up the Squaw Peak trail late Monday, finding Buddy and bringing him home.

Buddy lost three pounds during his time out in the 110-degree desert but since then, he's already taken his first morning walk and is on his way back to full health.