Love Them All: Arizona dog rescue to open up new facility in Scottsdale

A foster-based dog rescue in Arizona is taking a big step toward opening a brick and mortar location, creating an opportunity to help even more dogs in need.

Christine Conroy has a lot of work ahead of her, as the founder of Love Them All Rescue, she needs a lot of help getting it done.

Conroy and her team just closed on a property in northeast Scottsdale last week. The location, which isn't far from Fountain Hills, is just under two acres.

"So this will kind of be our main indoor space that will be, you know, more open to the public," Conroy said.

The team is renovating two existing buildings and are currently raising funds to build out.

"There is a spot a few suites down [where] we would love to open up a clinic," Conroy explained. "While we might not be able to full service our animals that we run through the rescue because a lot of them require specialists and surgeries and things like that, we would love to be able to offer free vaccine clinics, spay and neuter, microchip to the public."

All the dogs Conroy rescues are pulled from county shelters or the Arizona Humane Society. She says each one was at high risk because of behavior or health, like Sylvia.

Sylvia the pittie mix

Sylvia the pitbull mix

Sylvia has been at Love Them All for a year now while recovering from surgery to remove masses on her mammaries.

"She had nowhere to go but she's just the sweetest," Conroy said. "Such a love, two surgeries later and a full rehab."

While the founder is grateful for all the fosters who currently help - 150 dogs have been helped so far this year - she's certain that opening an actual facility will mean more pups will get that second chance.

She estimates she can get at least 600 treated and adopted out with the new brick and mortar location.

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