Lumberton, NJ's first hurricane relief supplies get to Lumberton, NC

A Burlington County township is helping its namesake community in North Carolina, hit hard by Hurricane Matthew, recover from the storm. It also extended its next donation deadline through this Sunday, Oct. 23.

The first shipment of relief supplies arrived in Lumberton, NC, from Lumberton, NJ.

Wednesday, North Carolina got 816 cases of water donated by businesses in New Jersey. It was part of a coordinated effort of local residents and government employees who've been in communication the North Carolina town's leaders.

The water is already being distributed to areas in need since Lumberton, NC's water treatment facility suffered significant damage from flooding, and drinking water isn't expected to return to normal for about four weeks.

Water has been getting to homes, but it's limited to daily hygiene necessities like flushing toilets and cleaning.

Now, Lumberton, NJ, wants to send a second tractor trailer's worth of supplies down to Lumberton, NC, and the deadline is Sunday.

The Lumberton NC Township Office of Emergency Management has requested:

Cleaning supplies, like bleach, mops, rubber gloves, anti-mold/mildew cleaner, brooms, sponges and buckets and contractor-type trash bags;

Baby items, such as diapers, bottles, baby formula, and baby food; and

Hygiene and senior items for men and women like waterless shampoo, soap and hand cleaners; nutritional shakes and drinks like Ensure; and adult diapers like Depends.

You can donate the items at:

the Lumberton Township Building front entrance for police and court, 35 Municipal Drive Lumberton, open daily 8am to 6pm;

the Lumberton Fire Department, 561 Main Street, 6-9pm daily through Thursday; and

the Westampton Township Emergency Services Building, 780 Woodlane Road, daily from 8am to 6pm.

Lumberton, NC, is just over 30 miles south of Fayetteville on I-95, and 20 miles north of the South Carolina state line.

Lumberton, NJ, calls the help "one resident's idea to help our sister city to the south."