Lyft driver shot and killed, wife still searching for answers

This was a heartbreaking story — a Lyft driver was shot and killed on the same day as his wedding anniversary. It's been nearly two weeks since his death and still no arrest.

The person responsible for this senseless death is still on the loose. The victim's wife says this is one of the hardest parts about her husband's murder.

"[I] got his ashes yesterday and I'm thinking, 'You know I can't do you justice,'" said Frances Treadwell, the victim's wife. "I may never find the person, [and I] probably, most likely won't."

Nearly two weeks ago, Frances lost her best friend, 71-year-old Harry Treadwell. That day was their 52nd anniversary.

"He was a good man," Frances said. "[He was] a very good father, grandfather, [and] great-grandfather. [He was] the nicest man you'd ever want to meet."

Harry was killed while driving for Lyft. It happened just before 1 in the morning near 32nd Street and Baseline. Who did this and why is still unknown.

"We keep thinking I'm going to see him walk down the carpet [and] come in the door, you know," Frances said. "[His chair] is called the captain's chair and he's always sat in that chair. SO when I walk by it's like, where is he? You just think he's going to come back."

Frances says she's tried desperately to get Harry's things back from the car. A lunchbox, umbrella, and shoes — but Lyft won't get back to her. She's hoping to get these things and find the person who did this. She says it'll provide her with closure if there is any.

"For every bad person or evil or angry person that commits these violent acts, there's 10 good people that come forward and offer to help any way they can," Frances said. "Not that that takes away the pain, but it does help heal your heart."

The family has a GoFundMe page to help with some unexpected expenses. We've reached out to Lyft for a comment and they didn't return our calls. Phoenix Police are asking for anyone with information on this case to give them a call.