Made In Arizona: Chandler company ships pavement maintenance materials worldwide

CHANDLER, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- One of the world's leading manufacturers in packaged pavement, asphalt and concrete is headquartered in Chandler, and the company, Crafco, has supply centers around the world.

"All pavement is going to crack at some time," said Crafo's Training Director, Brandi Julian. "Cracking is inevitable."

That's why preservation is key when it comes to roads.

"We know if we preserve them up front and keep them in good condition for years to come, they are going to be more cost-effective to us as taxpayers, versus allowing them to degrade over time," said Julian.

For more than 40 years, Crafco has been manufacturing crack sealants, or those black lines people see on the road. They also manufacture the equipment used to apply them. Julian says Crafco is the only company in the world to do both.

"Our customers range from distribution networks, states, cities, towns, HOAs," said Julian.

Arizona's desert climate works to the company's advantage, as the materials used in the sealants are sensitive to humidity.

"Silicone begins to cure when there is moisture present, so Chandler, Arizona is an ideal location, climatically, for us to manufacture that product," said Julian. "No sealant is alike. Every sealant is engineered differently to optimally perform in the region around the world in which it's going to be used."

Cities like Phoenix, Gilbert, and Chandler, to name a few, invest millions of dollars to preserve the infrastructure, so there's no shortage of work. With 200 employees in Arizona, the company is always looking for more help.

"We are always looking for talented welders, fabricators, engineers, and others to join our fantastic team," said Julian.