Made In Arizona: Scottsdale business will help you make your very own scented candle

More than a billion pounds of wax are used to make candles every year, and there is a spot in the Valley where people can use that wax to make their very own candles.

Candle Chemistry is a new spot at the Scottsdale Quarter. It's a place where people can make their own scented soy candles.

"Here what's great about it being a new concept is not only can you create your own fragrance and label, but it's done really quickly," said Salina Jones. "So the whole model behind it is you create your own custom candle, and then you can go and have dinner or drinks or something with family and friends, and then come back and pick up your item the same day."

Jones says the whole process is really simple: people can customize it however they want to, and it only takes about 90 to 120 minutes.

"Come in, grab a clipboard. have a seat," said Jones. "You select your container from one of the many different sizes, colors, and styles, then you come over and have a seat, and one of our scent stylists comes over and show you exactly how to mix your custom fragrance blend."

There are more than 100 fragrances in-store, switching out 10 to 13 every season.

"We just introduced tulip," said Jones. "We're bringing mint, which goes great with mango. We'll be bringing in the cherry blossom and some peony."

People can make special requests. A local woman once asked if she could find a scent to match the smell of the Arizona desert after the rain.

"It would be earth and rain, which is a milder version of that, and if you smell those two together, it's like, wow! That is the desert after the rain," said Jones. "I wrote her back and said I can do it, come on in and make your candle."

The best part is there's no waiting. People can head out once they are finished with customizing the candle.

"If you have dinner out in the Quarter, out in this area, we'll come and deliver your candles right to your table," said Jones.

Candle Chemistry hasn't been here long, but people with the company say they hope to continue building the brand. People can also expect customized body products pretty soon.

"We've been here since November," said Jones. "We hope to be here a long time and open other stores as well. This is just the first one."

Selina Jones

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