Man accused of decapitating wife in central Phoenix home

Phoenix Police are releasing new details about a horrific discovery over the weekend.

They say a man suspected of decapitating his wife, and two dogs will be charged once he recovers from his own injuries.

The suspect in the gruesome murder inside a Phoenix apartment has told detectives he is the one who committed the heinous crime.

"He did admit involvement in the homicide; he did indicate that he was the one who committed the homicide. He also indicated to us that he is the one that self-mutilated, he cut off his own arm and took out his eye. He also stabbed himself in the chest several times," said Phoenix Police spokesperson Sgt. Trent Crump.

Phoenix Police say the couple had only lived at there for two to three months, but officers had received five calls for service to the home, mostly for domestic violence calls.

"When you read these calls that are coming in. Most of them are self-mentioning methamphetamine and bath salts, and if you take a look at this obviously everyone is aware that the suspect was convicted of a previous crime, found insane and spent some time in the state hospital," said Crump.

Much of what he has told detectives has been described as delusional and incoherent.

"As a police department, as a city we've got questions that are unanswered for us, that will take time for us to get some of those answers," said Sgt. Crump.

The victim's mother spoke out Monday, she described a relationship that involved violence, mental illness and drugs. She was worried for her daughter because the suspect had a history of mental illness, and was acting increasingly bizarre and violent in the days leading up to the gruesome murder.

"It's been a nightmare, I mean you see things like this on TV, but you never dream you'll have to go through something like this," said Peggy Stowe.

Stowe says the suspect, who has not been identified, had been using the synthetic drug known as "spice."

"My daughter told me that he had been doing spice, and I said I heard spice makes you kinda psycho crazy, and she said 'yeah I know,'" said Stowe.

The victim, Trina Heisch is survived by four adult children. Police plan to release the suspect's name when he is formally booked on charges.