Man accused of secretly recording 2 women inside Scottsdale hotel room

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- A Glendale man was arrested after police say he secretly recorded two women inside their hotel room near 77th Street and McDowell Road.

Police say the two women met three men at the Three Palms Resort's pool and later took them to their room to "hang out." Officers say the women later asked the men to leave while they showered and got ready to go out with them later that evening.

According to the police report, "After a period of time of showering, changing and in various states of undress, the females noticed that there was a cell phone propped up against the TV stand and in a state of recording, stopped the recording, and then watched the videos."

The women noted that there were two videos: one was 30 minutes and another 50 minutes long.

The police report added, "In the videos, the female victims saw themselves naked and in various states of undress in this hotel room. The females had no knowledge that the cell phone was there prior to discovering it in recording-mode."

Police interviewed the three men when they arrived back at the location. 21-year-old Anthony Horvath admitted that the cell phone was his and that he did put the phone in record mode.

Per court paperwork, "Horvath also advised that he was going to watch the videos, but for no other reason than just to watch them. He denied wanting to use them for sexual gratification, or to post online or send anyone."

Horvath had another cell phone and claimed it belonged to his brother. Police say it is unclear if the phone was linked to the one in the victim's hotel room by way of wi-fi, camera applications or other surveillance modes that may be used to view live video from off-site locations.

A search warrant was granted for the cell phones and police found that the victims had deleted the videos because they were concerned Horvath had been watching the content remotely from another location.

Officers took Horvath into custody on May 10 at the hotel. He was charged with two felony counts: unlawful view/tape/record and unlawful-surreptitious photo.