Man arrested in Richmond mom's slaying

RICHMOND (KTVU) -- Police are investigating the fatal shooting of a Richmond woman who was apparently gunned down Tuesday morning in front of her two young sons while the family was in their vehicle, authorities said.

Authorities have identified the victim as Rashanda Franklin, 29, of Richmond, according to Chad Pryor, an investigator in the coroner's office.

On Wednesday afternoon, police arrested Franklin's estranged boyfriend, Dushan McBride, 43, of San Pablo.

McBride was arrested by Richmond Police and U.S. Marshals at a fast food restaurant in Sacramento. Police say his Mercedes Benz was also recovered.

Officers responded around 8:40 a.m. to a call of a disturbance and shots possibly fired at the intersection of Rheem Avenue and 29th Street, Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said. Police said gunfire erupted after the woman argued with her estranged boyfriend. It was not immediately clear what the two were arguing about.

"When officers arrived, they found a vehicle stopped and a woman deceased in the vehicle," Tan said. "She was in the driver's seat," and early indications are that she was driving a Jeep.

Police said the woman was taking her children to daycare when she saw McBride's vehicle in the area. The man saw the woman but started following her in his 2007 Mercedes Benz S550, which had paper plates. The man allegedly blocked her car at a stop sign and began arguing with her after he got out of his car, police said.

Investigators say the two argued before the man opened fire on the woman in front of the two young boys.

"It's a targeted shooting, possibly domestic violence," Tan said.

Franklin was the mother of three. Her family made an emotional plea Tuesday, asking for help in capturing the suspect.

"Her life was stripped from her this morning," says Barbara Harris, Franklin's mother. Harris and Erika Porter , Franklin's sister, are in mourning as they care for the three young sons Franklin s left behind. Her 9 and 5-year-old were sitting in the Jeep when their mother was killed.

"The best thing I can ask everybody to do is lift this family up and hug three boys up to god," says Harris.

There were witnesses to the incident, and police are interviewing the witnesses, Tan said.

A neighbor's surveillance camera captured part of what happened. Police credit neighbors with helping them identify McBride as the suspect.

"It broke my heart, the guy, he did it in front of the children. I can't believe it," says Salvador Relegeno, a neighbor.

"We're having a hard time dealing with this because most of us are parents just like myself. We just can't imagine children watch their mother be murdered," says Lt. Tan.

The godmother of Franklin's 9-year old son says she's spoken with the boy.
"He said, 'I miss my mama. He killed my mama and I miss my sunshine,' that's what he called his mom," says Adrienne Reynolds, the boy's godmother. .
Franklin's family said she was in cosmetology school and her dream was to open up a nail and hair salon.

Her sister says Franklin had been with the suspect for about a year, but moved from Oakland back to Richmond when that relationship ended.

"He had been stalking her. He pulled up on me the other day and asking where she was at. I saw him yesterday after 6 p.m.," says Erika Porter, Franklin's sister.
"Any information leading to finding this person who did this vicious murder of my child , please turn him in. If there is a wife, or mother or family member, you know him where he's at. Turn him in because that could have been your child," says Harris, Franklin's mother.

Police say there is no restraining order against McBride.

A source tells KTVU there is at least one report of a domestic violence incident to law enforcement involving the suspect and the victim earlier this year.

A GoFundMe site has been set up for the children.

KTVU reporter Henry Lee and Bay City News contributed to this report.