Man brings bag of moose poop to airport, says he collected it as gift for politicians

(FOX News) -- The TSA may be incredibly strict about the size of everyone's shampoo bottles, but big bags of animal poo are just fine.

On April 15, a traveler going through security at the Juneau International Airport in Alaska was caught with a bag full of moose droppings. The Transportation Security Administration shared photos of the bag's gross contents on their social media accounts, proclaiming that "Mondays can really stink."

Lisa Farbstein, a spokesperson for the TSA, said the bag was flagged after scanning equipment detected a large mass of organic material inside of it. Since this is a sign of potential explosives, TSA officers were forced to check the bag.

Farbstein also shared an image of the fecal on her Twitter page, saying "Yes, you can bring moose poop to a checkpoint! And someone did last week at Juneau Int'l Airport. @TSA has no policy preventing people from traveling with animal poop, but check with your airline on its policies because having to leave souvenir poop behind would be crappy."

On Instagram, the TSA elaborated that the bag's owners considered the "moose nuggets" souvenirs from his "Alaskan adventure." Farbstein told Fox News that the man told the TSA officers that he likes to "present" the poop to politicians.

Local reports claim that a man was spotted protesting the governor's proposed budget by handing out bags of "moose nuggets" on the capitol steps. It has not been confirmed that this was the same man from the airport.

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