Man conducts hilarious performance review of his 2 dogs via Zoom

Dogs and cats have become honorary coworkers to those working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While many have assigned their furry coworkers more entry-level tasks and responsibilities, one U.K. resident took his new pet relationships to the next level by giving his dogs a performance review via Zoom.

Andrew Cotter, a broadcaster for BBC Sports, shared a video on May 11 of a Zoom conference call held between him, his dog Olive, and Mabel, his other pooch.

Cotter starts off by dishing the pups some good news, notifying them that they won’t be furloughed. When Cotter starts delving into more serious workplace subject matter and items for improvement, Mabel’s video screen goes blank.

When the the pooch returns, Cotter describes the issues the dogs have had in their attempts to catch squirrels and their ruining of several couches in the home. But Cotter seems to be more appreciative of Olive’s efforts, encouraging Mabel to follow in her pawsteps.

Cotter could not be immediately reached for comment on whether the dogs’ performances have improved since the review.

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As of May 21, Cotter’s video had been viewed nearly 5 million times on Twitter and also received a positive reception on Reddit, where it was recently shared.

“This would make Zoom meetings so much better,” commented one Redditor. 

“Thanks for the heart warming laughs,” wrote another.

Across the world, people are finding fun and inventive ways to keep themselves entertained while stuck at home. In the U.S., one dad opted to be an amateur ballerina alongside his daughter. In Australia, one senior transformed into “The King” during a performance for his fellow elder care residents.