Man dead following bee swarm attack in Yavapai County

Officials with the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office said a man is dead, following an attack by a bee swarm Tuesday.

According to a statement released Wednesday, YCSO deputies were sent at 1:00 p.m. Tuesday to the 17000 block of S. Date Creek Road, between the communities of Hillside and Congress, for reports of a man who suffered from numerous bee sting injuries. Medical personnel declared the man dead at the scene.

The man's body, according to the statement, was reportedly covered in bees, and firefighters had to spray a foam agent over the area to kill or disperse the bees, and render it safe to recover the man's body. The man, according to officials, was doing road clearing work for the property owner with a backhoe when the incident took place.

The property owner had reportedly gone into the house after speaking with the victim, in an effort to avoid the heat. About 45 minutes later, officials said the woman realized she could not hear the backhoe operating, and when she went outside the check on the victim, he was lying on the ground next to the backhoe, and not moving.

According to an initial investigation, officials said the backhoe work may have disturbed a beehive, which caused the bees to swarm, and attack the victim. The victim was not identified, pending identity verification and notification of family members.