Man flees after running over woman in Mesquite parking lot

Police need help finding the man who ran over a woman at gas station in Mesquite. He took off and left her seriously injured.

It happened on July 19 at the Kwik Fuel and Food on Big Town Boulevard. Surveillance video shows the suspect back up in the parking lot, hit the woman and then quickly drive away.

Police want people to see the surveillance video because they know someone will recognize the SUV and the young man who was driving it. The impact is difficult to watch, but it also shows just how likely it is the driver knew what happened and still didn't stop.

Alka Patel asked FOX 4 not to show her face as she described her near-death experience. She has spent the past week at Baylor Scott and White after her world was turned upside down when she got run over.

One thing that stands out in the video is how unusually far the driver backed up through the parking lot.

"I saw him coming. I tried to stop him by banging on the backside of his car. He did not even stop," Patel recalled. "I fell down. He ran over with back wheel once. Then, he went forward. Ran over twice."

Underneath the SUV, Patel thought she was going to die. As the driver sped off, she blacked out. Bystanders thought the worst.

"People were saying, 'Oh my gosh. She's dead,'" Patel recalled. "Then I tried to get up and they said, 'thank God she's alive!'"

One week later, it is remarkable how well Patel is recovering.

"He went over me here. I have wheel marks also," she said. "My head, shoulder, pelvis, fracture on my knee, bruises."

Fortunately, the store's surveillance cameras also captured a pretty clear image of the man's face.

The man is described as a 16 to 20-year-old Hispanic male with short hair. At the time, he was wearing a Dallas Cowboys shirt. He was driving a full-sized 2007 to 2014 GM SUV with a sunroof.

Anyone who recognizes the vehicle or the suspect should call the Mesquite Police Department or Crime Stoppers at 214-373-TIPS. There is up to a $5,000 reward available for information that leads to an arrest and indictment in the case.